Comic 43 - 3.25

18th Sep 2012, 12:41 PM in Episode 3

Author Notes:

Deliteful 18th Sep 2012, 12:41 PM edit delete
I literally did nothing yesterday from like 8:30 am to 11 pm except start and finish this page. (Okay, I took the dogs out a few times too o3o) Episode 3 has been going so long I really wanted to have this page done for today too Dx That's a lot of hours but it felt very rushed, I am really slow o_____o yet I like how this turned out, the way my drawing is starting to go "rushed" looks like it fits I think? xD

However I was too lazy/not enough time to think of an actual bonus for this update so you get...the MyPaint scratchpad I used for this episode. How boring! I thought maybe someone would think the way the little circles go everywhere and my dumb labels would be interesting. I'm probably the only one that finds that kind of thing interesting haha


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Grey Garou 18th Sep 2012, 3:07 PM edit delete
Grey Garou
The art is always somewhat creepy but sentimental and gentle. Kind of like sunshine through curtains or a bouquet of black roses with a beautiful scent.
Deliteful 18th Sep 2012, 4:01 PM edit delete
Thank you! It makes me happy to hear that xD
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