Comic 22 - 3.4

17th Apr 2012, 1:03 PM in Episode 3

Author Notes:

Deliteful 17th Apr 2012, 1:03 PM edit delete
If I remember how to log into tumblr the bonus will be an extra comic I made a while ago o__o I never finished it but it stands well on its own


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OnlyFoolsAndVikings 17th Apr 2012, 2:55 PM edit delete
her face in the last pannel: Sums up the situation perfectly

also creepy child in the first pannel is overwhelmingly creepy D:
Kanela 17th Apr 2012, 7:54 PM edit delete
aw, this comic is so creepingly cute!
ecj 19th Apr 2012, 7:31 PM edit delete
I love the style and the great expressive faces.
Demon Claus 23rd Apr 2012, 2:01 AM edit delete
Demon Claus
what the hell happened to mimi's eye? >:I

(not too mention there's some stiches on the clothes too..)

Anyway, pretty cool comic so far, i really dig the arts.

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Deliteful 28th Apr 2012, 11:02 AM edit delete
@OnlyFoolsAndVikings hehehe :D

@Kanela Thak you! \owo/

@ecj Thank you very much! :3

@Demon Claus If I told you that I would have to kill you >:D (it's a secret/part of the plot heheheh)
mathias42 29th Apr 2012, 5:27 PM edit delete
I want a death wish fairy!
Deliteful 18th Jul 2012, 1:33 PM edit delete
Nooo cos you'll be dead when you meet her! :P
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