Mack Pendragon

Mack Pendragon is 22 years old and doesn't have much to show for himself so far. Most of his talents lie in the realm of the traditionally girly, which comes in handy while both being unemployed and raising a little girl - he just makes all of her clothes and things for her. He will tell you he isn't afraid of animals, they merely dislike him and the feeing is mutual. In high school he was often mistaken for a mall goth, and he has no idea why.

Mimi Pendragon

Mimi is (probably) three years old and is shy to the point of being frightened of most people. Mack started taking care of her after he found her lost in the forest, but how she got to be there in the first place remains a mystery, as she refuses to talk about it.

Max Greely

Max has known Mack since he started at Mack's high school as a sophomore, and is a day vampire as well. He lives alone in a studio apartment and also has no idea what he's going to do with his life. He tells people his last name is Wonderful, and loves bright colors.

Edwina Pearl Pendragon

Edwina is most frequently called Eddie, and is 348 going on 20. She has an obsession with 1950's fashion and speaks with a Boston accent of sorts. She bleaches her naturally black hair white to give her boyfriend Frank the impression that she is a very well preserved 86 year old. Eddie always wanted a daughter and taught Mack to sew and crochet, among other things. 

Frank Walter

Frank is Mack and Eddie's neighbor to the right and is also dating Eddie. He is 88 years old, rather unpopular with Mack but is oblivious to this fact, and, if you ask Eddie, a good kisser.

Pivy Janvier

Pivy is Mack and Eddie's neighbor to their left. She is somewhat old, somewhat rich, and somewhat annoying. She often pays Mack to do things for her. Pivy lives alone with two Chihuahuas, and never really has any other company.

Ermintrude Colwell

Ermie is 5 years old and most of her parents attention is focused on her two brothers, so she's become oddly quiet and contemplative for her age.

Ruz Lowell

Ruz runs the Lowell Curio Shop, which is mostly stuck in the past and is enchanted so that hardly anyone can find it. Being part of a costume come to life, he doesn't eat or sleep, hates being caught in the rain, and doesn't really go out much. He has been friends with Mack for several years. 

Lotte Dollie

Lotte is one half of a pair of dolls brought to life by the Death Wish Fairy. She is something of a complete idiot and is loud and unashamed of anything she does. She loves Guy, but she doesn't know how to show affection, so she doesn't bother.

Guy Dollie

Guy is Lotte's other half and also her compete opposite. He is shy, unsure of everything he does, and his presence tends to make people uncomfortable. He adores Lotte and his love for her is the only thing that gives him confidence.

The Death Wish Fairy

The Death Wish Fairy is much less well known than her sister Death, but has just as much of a workload. She doesn't mind her job, but it doesn't leave her much time for a social life. She is reserved and unintimidating, and good at what she does. When she does have free time, she spends it in rather mundane ways, as it's never enough to go out and make friends.


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